About Diamond

De Beers Group plans sales of lab-made diamonds.

lab made diamonds

De Beers has been scorning the diamonds made in laboratories for years. Now, it will sell them at a price of only 200 dollars.

De Beers, which created the famous “a diamond is forever” slogan and once had a near-monopoly on global diamond production, said it was launching the new range of synthetic diamonds to meet demand for “affordable fashion jewelry that may not be forever but is perfect for right now”.

Lab-made diamond is a new choice for consumers. Its price is cheap and the quality of natural diamond is the same.

Artificial diamonds are unique, you do not need to dig the earth, you do not need to replace anyone, you don't need to do anything that could harm what we need to preserve for our future generations.

In North America and Europe, some young people have begun to accept this conflict free, eco-friendly synthetic diamond.

If you are an environmentalist, why not consider artificial diamonds?