Henan Yuda Crystal Co., Ltd., established in 2016, specializes in research and development, manufacturing and marketing of synthetic diamond and related products as well facilities. The company won scientific and technological progress awards of Zhengzhou city and Henan province.The diamond series products have been sharing high reputation in global market.

Synthetic diamond is a new industry with fast development and professional requirements. For years, the company has accumulated rich experiences on management, R&D, marketing and manufacturing etc. and cultivated many professions. The management teamwork is in the prime of life. They are professional and do well in management with strong learning attitudes and innovation awareness for stable work. Strong human resources and excellent company culture accelerate the healthy, fast and sustainable development of the company.

The general manager is Mr. JACK Qin, an experienced and professional foreign trade expert. The new company mainly takes charge of international business including foreign trade, international cooperation, merger, acquisition and integration of overseas assets, etc. It will be a milestone for the internationalized strategy of company.

We Mainly Adopt HPHT Technology of Diamond Production, with 20 0,000CT Production Capacity of Sawing & Cutting Diamond Per Month.

Main Products of Yuda Crystal Factory:

  1. Superhard Materials
  2. Yellow Single Crystal Diamond
  3. Lab Grown Diamonds
  4. Diamond Micro Powder
  5. Diamond wheel