About Diamond

Would you buy a synthetic diamond?

lab grown diamonds

Imagine that you will spend thousands of dollars in diamonds. It is expensive because it comes from a mine that have not been discovered for hundreds of years.

Another option is to choose a slightly cheaper synthetic diamond with the same quality as natural diamond, which can be created in a few weeks in the laboratory.

Artificial diamonds are non conflict and ecologically friendly.

High quality diamond planting is a very complicated and difficult art. There are two ways to create diamonds. High temperature and high pressure(HPHT) and carbon vapor deposition(CVD).

At present, the largest diamond can reach three carats, which is about 30% lower than the price of natural diamonds.

Artificial diamonds are unique, you do not need to dig the earth, you do not need to replace anyone, you don't need to do anything that could harm what we need to preserve for our future generations.

In North America and Europe, some young people have begun to accept this conflict free, eco-friendly synthetic diamond.

If you are an environmentalist, why not consider artificial diamonds?